Thursday, December 10, 2009

A CPA in the making!

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>> posted 2 months before CPA exams...'s start of the month of March! That means 2 more months left before my CPA board exams! whoooooo! OMG! i really felt nervous whenever i peek on my calendar every single day..after the exhaustion i felt during our first pre-board exams in CPAR, i've realized that i do really need more time to study..and that means less time at work (hahaha!) or i may say..i badly needed to file my personal leave as soon as possible. or else...

I have to make a choice! IT'S NOW OR NEVER! it's a just a matter of sacrifice and as my friends would always say: Hardwork really pays off in the end! it's a matter of FAITH!

I know with the help of God Almighty, i can surpass all these trials including passing of CPA board exams..for those would drop by my site..please say a little prayer for me..that means a lot!

>posted 10-Dec-09 2nd week of review!

it's been a month since i had my last blog post! it's really been a busy month for me!! whew!! glad i just survived! it's my 2nd time reviewing for my upcoming CPA board exams and i really feel so much excitement & enthusiasm..not mentioning the pressure!! i decided to enroll in CPAR located in Espana, Manila since they were known as one of the best review centers here! i had my previous review at CTDI just here in Makati, just a few minutes away from my office. but seriously i wasn't able to focus on my review that time since i was still adjusting for my a working mom with two adorable kids! and sometimes i just can't find time and energy to be with them not mentioning the busy schedules here in the office. but this time, this is really it!!!! am not working long hours in the office, had my daily schedule to catch up with my review and am planning to quit from my work for a couple of months to focus more on becoming a CPA. i know hard work really pays off in the end and i believe that He will give me enough strength and will power to go on and achieve my dreams! it will be just six months of agony of not seeing my kids 24/7..but i'm working on it! right now am a little sick, maybe of not having restdays since my review started two weeks ago..but am happy!!

am thankful that my hubby & two kids were very supportive! i know i can do this!!! i can be a CPA on May 2010!! Go..Go...Go.. till my next post...see yah!!! :P

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