Monday, November 7, 2011

Thank God I Am 30!!!

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I never thought turning a year older or i may say, saying goodbye to my twenties and saying hello to thirties would bring so much happiness and surprises!!! I don't usually celebrate my birthday, simply because i don't want to spend too much. But this year was different. I wanted to celebrate welcoming my thirty years with a blast. And true enough, my 30th birthday celeb was so amazing!!! I was so thankful i have my family and close friends with me on this special day.

And another thing, this year, i never expected to have such wonderful surprises on my birthday!

SURPRISE #1 On the day of my birthday ~10.26.11~

>>>My officemates arranged a simple merienda for my birthday. Really appreciate it guys!!!

SURPRISE #2  After that simple salo-salo in the office, my Admin Sir Jo gave me that surprise gift from a mysterious guy. Guess who this mysterious guy is? It's no other than my hubby, Dan.

 I never imagined Dan would be giving me a surprise gift on my birthday. Really no idea at all. He planned it so well!!! A long stem red rose and a box of my fave Ferrero!!! Really made my day lovelier!!!

Surprise #3 Birthday dinner at home!!!

Birthday dinner at home

My two angels on my special day
Special delivery from Yellow Cab

And lastly, after so many years of not celebrating my birthday, this time, i have celebrated it with my closest friends in the office... Unlimited beers and all kinds of pulutan, made my birthday complete...

Thank you Papa God for all the blessings You continually showering me. For giving me another year full of love and blessings, for empowering me and for providing me strength. Hopefully wiser but definitely much stronger!!! Happy Big 3-0 to me!!!!

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