Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Am Blogging Again

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After several months of neglecting this site, finally am back again blogging! I have so many things in mind to write about, but my own schedule forbids me to do the things i love doing...that is blogging! And today, while am busy working here at my table, i still find time to do my sideline thing, that is to write anything or everything that may cross my mind today. Hmmm... Well, to start off, am now enrolled again to CPAR and hopefully can take the CPA Board Exams this coming October..Uh-oh, that means, 2.5 months left for me to scan all my review materials for these 3 subjects and yet am not starting to do my review. I have written my own schedule on our wall just above our dining table for me to see what's my scheduled subject for that day, but still unable to follow those damn schedules...Aaargggh!!!! Really needed to catch up or i won't be able to take my board exam and that leaves me to wait until May 2011..  So help me God...

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