Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Sad..


Hay!! I miss my hubby so much!!! He was so busy working for the past two weeks for his new store (Pizza Hut) that will be open in Enchanted Kingdom. We never had time together. He never even asked me "if i'm still okay" or "how's my day". He never reply on my text messages. We never had a chance to see each other at home.Late na kasi sya umuwi. Even my kids were asking about their daddy. So sad, but as a wife, i know i need to understand his work. That's the best thing i could do to support him. He needed it badly.

A few days from now will be Dana's recognition day in school. I just hope he could find time for her daughter's special day. Or else, super mommy always on the rescue!!!!

.... :(



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