Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wanted Perfect Yaya


My yaya will be leaving us soon!!! 2 weeks from now! OMG!!! This means extra job for me, it does not mean that taking care of my kids will mean burden for me, what i mean is that i need to do housechores all by myself. Need to rush home after office to cook dinner, clean house after a day's work,help Dana with schoolwork..everything!! She will be leaving because of some personal reasons which i can't share with you.

It was last week, i think it's friday when she ask permission from me because she wants to get married. "It's ok", i said. But she will be leaving on May 23. That would be 2 months from now, it's long enough to find someone who could replace her by then..

But suddenly just this morning around 9am, i had received a text message from her saying "ate, sorry po, pero mapapaaga po ang alis ko papunta Negros sa April 6 na po"..Grabe!!! Waaahhhh!!!! (that's my reaction!) I can't believe it, it's barely 2 weeks from now!!!!

Immediately i relayed this shocking news to my hubby and all he can say was "Ganun!"

I called my mom and she never expected the same thing. She just said, "we need to get another yaya asap"..

Now, as i'm writing this down, i really don't have plans how to get a good yaya just like Flor (name of my yaya). It really frustrates me for losing her because she really adores my kids (i have two kids Dana 9 & Vince 4) so much. And i feel secured having her around.

I really don't know what to do. Help me, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(



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