Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm back!!!!


I wasn't able to visit my site for four days, for I have a super busy weekend. My mom and I, and the rest of Pacita parishioners went to Ilocos region for our Visita Iglesia held by our parish church last March 29-31 (am off from work for two days..yipeee!) I really miss blogging and blog hopping as well. So sad how i wish i had my own laptop (huhuhu). I'm taking into consideration in adding it to my "must haves" list but i really don't know much about pc stuffs. But anyway, i'd really like to share some of my latest events but i really don't have time for now, maybe some other day. I have so many reports to finish since we're now dealing with our project close-out. So i need to rush things to meet the deadlines. Actually, it's our lunchbreak while writing this one (lol). But i promised as soon as am free, i'll share wih you my Ilocos trip, i'll post some photos, am sure you'll love 'em! And Dana's recognition day in school. She got 5 awards plus a trophy for being "Best in conduct". Am a proud mom!!! Gotta go.



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