Monday, October 12, 2009

60 years of togetherness


that's my Lolo Fredo & Lola Nory with my Mom, Ate Dana & Vince
(ooops! sorry for the quality) :)

Location: Exotik Restaurant @ Longos, Kalayaan Laguna

I never stop believing in the power of LOVE! I'm an avid fan of sweet beginnings & happy endings! I have witnessed a sweet union of two individuals, a proof that Marriage really last a lifetime, and am very proud to say that it was my very own grandparents- Lolo Fredo & Lola Nory!!!

It was three weeks ago when we celebrated their 60th Anniversary! Yes, 60 years of unending love & understanding for each other. 60 years of togetherness.. A love that truly last a lifetime. Our family wishes long life and good health to Lolo Fredo & Lola Nory!!!

>>>i'll be uploading more photos soon!!



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