Thursday, October 22, 2009

Am I Really a Facebook Addict?!


This morning while reading my emails, i saw this news about facebook addiction. And i can't help but really asked myself if am really addicted to's hard to admit i know, but am GUILTY of a Facebook addict!!!! hahaha :)

Psychologist Dr. Michael Fenichel, who has published numerous writings on FAD ( a new king of addiction-Facebook Addiction Disorder) online, describes it as a situation in which Facebook usage "overtakes" daily activities like waking up, getting dressed, using the telephone, or checking e-mail.

You are a Facebook addict if...

According to Joanna Lipari, a clinical psychologist at the University of California, Los Angeles who was interviewed for a CNN report, here are some signs that you are addicted to Facebook:

1. You lose sleep over Facebook. When using Facebook becomes a compulsion and you spend entire nights logged on to the site, causing you to become tired the next day.

2. You spend more than an hour a day on Facebook. Lipari said it is difficult to define how much is too much when it comes to Facebook usage, but that an average person need only spend half an hour on the site.

3. You become obsessed with old loves or exes you reconnect with on Facebook.

4. You ignore work in favor of Facebook. This means you do not do your job in order to sneak time on Facebook.

5. The thought of getting off Facebook leaves you in cold sweat. If you try going a day without Facebook and it causes you stress and anxiety, this means you need help.

Somehow on the lighter side, aside from blogging, Facebook really eases stress & tension @ work & sometimes even @ home. It helps me to have time for myself and to relax..sometimes we really felt tired from a day's work in the office then being a mommy to my two adorable but "super kulit" kids, and being a wife!!

Currently, am so addicted to Facebook applications such as Farmville & Cafe World!! By the way if you'd like you can add me up on FB..

See yah everyone & Happy Facebooking!!!!! :)



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