Friday, October 1, 2010

GT: I Love Pink!!!


 It's my first time here at GT!!! Although my post is a little bit late, still so happy to join this week. Another thing, i love the topic for this week, it's pinky pink day!!! Since i was in my teens, pink was my fave color! Don't know why, maybe because it's so feminine and looks good on things. Whether it's in the office or in our house, you could always find that pink touch. My husband would always tease me about that, but who cares?, i just love that cute color..

Here's my fair share for this week..Take a look..

                                                 my fave pen and earphones

another reason why i love pink, coz'          ...and even our vinyl tiles, it's all pink!!
am also fond of hello kitty since childhood


Mel Cole said...

Hi sis, welcome to GT. :) I like pink too. You got awesome pink stuff there.

My Pink Girl's Talk here

K said...

OMG pink vinyl! i wish i could find those in our stores here :)

welcome to GT! i hope you find lots of girlfriends and learn new stuff along the way :)

Earth said...

i love your pen.. and i think my eldest daughter would love your earphones, lol! they are cool!

ღ Ms. Joy mH ღ said...

wow, pink tiles! That's so pretty! Love it!

Anyway, here's mine!!

Anonymous said...

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