Friday, February 3, 2012

Prepping Up for my Vince's 7th Birthday


These past few months i was so busy planning for my bunso's 7th birthday. Vince was expecting to have a grand birthday prix on his special day. He chose Lightning Mcqueen to be his birthday theme and Jollibee for his venue. We were able to reserved the venue a month earlier just to make sure to get the best deal. I also ordered his customized Lightning McQueen cake plus 50 cupcakes for giveaways. This week am planning to send invites to our relatives and to his closest buddies in our neighborhood. By next week, maybe i'll decide if am going to book for a balloon supplier or i may have it done myself. Whew! 3 more weeks before the big event and i still have tons to do. Oh and i forgot, i need to visit Divisoria for his lootbags. 

I know, am not the celebrant, but i am so excited for him! I wanted to give him the best party he really deserved! 

These are the invites and birthday tarp personally designed by my good friend, Roland. He had done several revisions to suit my demands. But after almost two weeks of deliberation, we finally get to see the finished product. And am so happy!!!! A big thanks to you!!!

Vince's Invitation 

Vince Birthday Tarp



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