Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Whew!! After all the attempts of having my own blog, finally I decided to create my own. It was always part of my hobby on writing on my own journal when I was still in my teenage years. Eventhough there were never exciting or new things happened, I still find time to write on those funny stuffs I had experienced. And thank God that nowadays, blogging sites were created..just like this one.
I'm glad that I had found this blog site wherein I could release my inner self by means of blogging!
Hope I could find some blogger friends (?!) who could help me out since I'm newbie here..
I know this would be a fun fun experience for me!!

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niko said...

hey mom ayie!!! i didnt know u created ur blog na.. naku!!! am so happy to see u here!!

welcome to blogging world! i can help u with the simple things about blogging.. but with the complicated one i have some friends who can help u heheeh..

post photos of you kids ha!! nakita mo na ba ang baby ko?? :)


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