Friday, August 20, 2010

My Growing Up Story!


I had so many growing up stories to share! And i don't know where to start! At 18, i became a young mom and a wife. Me and my boyfriend (now my hubby) was still studying at that time. We were still in our sophomore year and we never really enjoyed life that much. But since we so loved each other, we decided to tie the knot. I know that what we're having at that time was no joke but since we wanted to be responsible parents, we have decided to share the life together. I know our parents was so disappointed, but am so blessed to have a super understanding mama and papa! Their never ending support and undying love really made my journey as a young mom bearable. They made us feel loved and always willing to lend a helping hand. Despite of all, our parents continue to send us to school to finish college.

And now, as i look back on my last 10 fruitful years as a student,wife,mom and as a daughter, i can't help but to feel proud of my self. I've realized, that no matter how painful life has to offer, it's all about how you accept the challenge and made it sweeter as much as you can.

And this will be my legacy to my 2 children, Dana & Vince. ♥


Mommy Liz said...

Minsan wala naman sa edad yung pag start ng family. You and your hubby are very lucky to have parents like yours. And, you owe everything to yourselves too, you became responsible to your own actions at a young age, and that's why you are where you are right now..

I can't wait til you join our couple's Corner. My Mcklinky is still open until Monday, you can still submit an entry. See yo next week then.aka RodLiz

Mga Epal said...

Your children are happy looking kids.
Bless your mama and papa and all the parents that get over the "early parenting" of their children and supports them in any way they can. We wish you and your husband all the blessings every loving couple should get.


jellybelly said...

That's really admirable. Mommy Liz is right wala sa edad yun. It depends on your maturity and readiness to take on responsibility. And you have great supportive parents.

I am Earl Matito said...

Ayie your story is so inspiringly positive. I hope that your family is always happy and healthy and I hope that you can be the best mom to your kids.


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